Family Photoshoot at Stansted Park, Wedding Photographer Hampshire and West Sussex Border


I am primarily a wedding photographer Hampshire, but occasionally, I do family photoshoots.  The Bartys family met me within the grounds of Stansted Park in early December. What a beautiful day and at 2 pm, the sun was low in the sky enabling that beautiful rim lighting. Most of my family photoshoot are at Witterings beach so it was a pleasure to do something a little different. If you fancy a shoot, they are £195 and you have one hour with me and all images on a disc finished and retouched, please email [email protected] or go to … if you are getting married in West Sussex or need a Hampshire Wedding Photographer.  My facebook is here … and my Twitter is here and my website is here, if you fancy looking at some of my other work.


My methods are easy going and fun. I tend to let the family chat and laugh. If I need to be completely silly to get your guys to laugh, then c’est la vie. It comes quite easily for me. I do not mind pets coming, and have photographed horses, dogs and even rabbits in shoots. Let me know if you are having a Sunday with your family, I will gladly attend.


Photographing families can be quite easy and sometimes quite difficult. Getting the right time of day is the best, and catching kids at the right time of day when they are not tired is also great. The best places for family portraits are beaches, woods and open fields with flowers. The family need to feel relaxed and have space to run and not feel confined. The old styles of studio family shoots are over, although I do miss them when the weather is dodgy.  Get in touch if you fancy a shoot; its a great family time.


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Farbridge Barns
The Wedding Barn that went Bust! Wedding Photographer Hampshire Wedding Dress

Being a wedding photographer in Hampshire, I am spoilt for choice when it comes to barn venues.  This was the venue in Buriton that went bust, called, The Manor Barn in Buriton. I guess that lesson learned here is to make sure your venue is SECURE and the finances are in …

Baby Photoshoot in Chichester, West Sussex by Ali Gaudion – Wedding Photographer Hampshire

This is baby Faith – she came in for an hour’s shoot with her mum. They initially were going to come in but the wedding season was so busy, we could not do her as a baby; at one year’s old, a baby photoshoot is usually quite easy, however, with …

Move over Frank Sinatra!

So, last week a chap who I met at a wedding (he was in the band), got in touch for a photoshoot. He is going live as a Wedding Singer (Rat Pack/Buble type gig).  Well, we set up and started the shoot.