Great Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer


  1. How long have you been in the business?    

    25 years! From when I graduated from college with my degree, it has been 25 years. I have had 15 years, self-employed in the West Sussex, Hampshire area.

  2. How many weddings have you photographed?   

    About 400 … small, large, crazed, International, festivalish, rainy, snowy. All very different, but the same in that I treat them all with kid gloves; such a precious day for you and important that I am there documenting in the most creative, quiet way I can.

  3. What happens if you are sick?  

    I usually come and am sick.  If this requires taking meds to stop the sickness, this is what I do.  Adrenaline is an amazing thing when you have a terrible cold.  Missing a wedding from being sick?  This has never happened. I’d literally have to lose an arm to not show. But if it did, one of my buddies would cover: Bev Downie, Hana Venn, Catherine Jolley, we all know each other.

  4. How many shots will I get?  

    Between 500-1200. If its rainy and we are inside alot and its a small wedding, it’ll be closer to the 500, but if its high Summer and starts at 9 am and finishes at 9 pm, we will be closer to 1200, especially if there are 120+ guests.

  5. Do I have to have posey posey photos?  

    If I’m honest, yes. However, I will not be making you stand and do ridiculous things; I usually have you chatting, walking, kissing and giggling in some field somewhere near the guests, with a bridesmaid nearby with booze on hand inbetween shots. I do not take anymore than 15 minutes to do the “romantic” shots.

  6. Will you take over the day with the group shots?  

    Crikey, no! How boring would that be. I have a system, wherein, you and your parent drink fizz and I organise all that, so that when we go to do the groups, its fast and fun. It never takes anymore than 15-20 minutes, and I don’t let you have anymore than 15 group shots. Believe me, you’ll be bored after that many.

  7. What style of shots do you take?  

    I shoot 80% natural shots that are candid; you know the type that everyone likes where they are looking to the left in their best hat in their best make-up and look devine? The other 10% would be detail shots of shoes, food, dresses, fizz, kids, cartwheels, rings, hands, etc.  The last 10% would be lovely magical, romantic shots where you two look like you’ve been modelling for years and look totally naturally happy and amazing.

  8.  Which wedding venues are your favourites?  

    The Tithe Barn (preferred list here) , Farbridge (preferred list here)  , Southend Barns (preferred list here), Southdowns Manor (preferred list here), Crouchers and Old Thorns. I am a preferred supplier and on their websites as recommendations. I’ve shot over 75 weddings at each of these venues and they trust I will be a smashing job for their couples.

  9. Do we need to feed you?  

    Yes, but I eat anything. If we are in a hotel, and you are on a budget or the caterers want an extortionate amount to feed me; then ask me to “get my own” at the bar. I have about 45 minutes break while the Wedding Breakfast is going off. In that time, I recharge batteries, eat, drink, put my feet up, plan the rest of the timings for the evening. I usually leave the house at 10 am, after breakfast, and don’t stop all day for food, so I’m usually absolutely starving. So, yes please, if its not too much trouble.

  10. What’s your booking procedure?  

    £250 deposit and the rest due the week before.

  11. Do you mind guests taking photos behind you?  

    Unless its your uncle Bob who keeps talking to me about his Nikon D750 and its low light capabilities, then yes.  I do not mind, unless they get in the way and then I do.

  12. Do you take over the day for hours?  

    I’m in the background, but right there if you need me. I can organise any part of the day; from lacing you up (I’ve done this 22 times now as sometimes the bridesmaid can’t remember) to organising sparkler shots and confetti shots. I’m not shy, and if need be, I can make large groups really giggle. I also do not mind people laughing “at me”, as long as they are laughing for the shot. I’m fun and super polite.

  13. How long to the photos take to process?  

    5-6 weeks after the wedding in high season; perhaps less in low season. They will be worth that wait.

  14. What’s your email? I want to book!   

    [email protected] or 01243 574737 or 07747773880 or Twitter or Facebook or Instagram or Pinterest …

Thanks for reading!