Getting ready on the morning of your wedding – GET DRESSED DAD!


Ok, so I have seen my fair share of brides on the morning of their wedding.  I’ve seen relaxed ones, screaming ones, crying ones, shaken ones, and frozen by fear ones.  They are all the same in one way; this is one of the most important days of their lives.  It just depends on how they cope with extreme emotion, stress and control (or giving it up a bit).

Most of the time, the morning goes smoothly with the hair and make-up being finished off when I arrive and the bridesmaids and mother fluttering around without a care in the world.  Sometimes, it does not.

What the group do not realise is, even though, they think they are ORGANISED, they really are quite far off.  Things to remember …

  1. Where are the scissors for cutting off the labels?  
  2. Who is taking the suitcase for the bride?  
  3. Who is taking the bags for the bridesmaids?
  4. Do you have flat shoes for walking across fields?
  5. Who is walking mum down the aisle and seating her?
  6. Who has the boys corsages?
  7. Have you taken the flowers out of the water to let them drain otherwise they will be soggy on your dress?
  8. Do you have extra bobby pins if it goes windy?
  9. Do you have a jacket for outside photos in case its chilly?
  10. Do you have a special red/heart or white umbrella in case it rains?
  11. Who is getting you dressed?
  12. Are they ready themselves?
  13. Who is getting Dad dressed?
  14. Where is Dad?
  15. Have you chosen your makeup and is your lipstick dark enough? (that nude lippy won’t show up)
It is always quite smooth until a “flash point”, I call it.  Usually around 1 hour before they walk down the aisle, the bride realises she is … getting married that day!  Lovely shrieks of, 
  1. OMG, I can’t believe it’s happening today
  2. I never thought this day would come
  3. All this work and here it comes
  4. Everything is going so fast.
  5. Where is the booze?
  6. What time should I get my dress on?
  7. What time do I REALLY need to walk out the door?
  8. Where are my posh knickers? and sometimes …
  9. Let’s just drink as much as possible.
  10. Christ, do you think my mum’s right, that he’s a bit of a wet blanket?
To be honest, they all get out the door. They all walk down the aisle (some kicking their dresses in front of them, some holding their dresses and some crying like little girls).
But they all get down there.  It’s what memories of the morning they will have when they look back.
A general schedule of the day should run a bit like this:
With a CEREMONY TIME of 2 pm for instance:
8 am      Up and shower
9 am      Breakfast
10 am    Hairdresser arrives
12 am    Make up starts
12 am    Open the booze
12am     Tell Dad to get dressed
1215      Bouquets arrive
1215      Mum gets ready to be dressed by 1245
1215      Tell Dad to get dressed
1230      Make up finished and have some food
1230      Bridesmaids dressed and photographed
1240      Bridesmaids pack their stuff into the cars
1245      Bridesmaids pack brides stuff into the cars
1245      Bride go for a wee
1245      Tell Dad to GET DRESSED
1255      Get your posh knickers on
1:00       Mum and bridesmaids are calm and ready and waiting to dress the bride
1:30       Finishing touches … jewelry, shoes, and come downstairs and walk about in dress
1:45       Go OUT the door and get in the car
Whatever you have not done now, does not need to be done.  You are on your way.  You should be calm, and relaxed.
Brides always think they have plenty of time. The earlier you get ready, the more calm you will be. The more relaxed you will be and the more prepared you will be.  Don’t leave it to the last minute.  It takes about 1/2 to get a bride in the dress and about another 15 minutes to do all the other stuff and then you have to move around in it and make sure your boobs are at the right angle, the shoes are good and you feel comfortable.
Good luck ladies!  Probably the most important thing on the list is the BOOZE!  A few bubbles and you will be very relaxed. OH, and someone get Dad Dresssed! 
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