Mellow Yellow at Southend Barns

Southend Barns

Suzannah and Paul got in touch with me quite late about their wedding. They just needed a few hours and said it was going to be a “relaxed” affair. Now, quite a few brides say this. They say, it’ll just be “chilled” or “relaxed” and “not a big deal”. It never is people … ever. Weddings are quite stressful events. The couple plan for two years and spend between £10 and £20K on a 3 course dinner for beween 50-150 people and buy outfits for 3-6 bridesmaids, new shoes, not to mention a dress, the hair, the make up, the cake. Should I go on? I know, you know how much a wedding costs. So, when Suzannah said “relaxed”. I just thought the norm. It won’t be.

Well, I was pleasantly surprised.

When I arrived at Southend Barns, playing on the iPod was an old 1930’s tune, sung by one of those old fashioned voices from the olden days. It was her Auntie Annie singing “A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square”. It gave the place a super relaxed feel. Not only did Suzannah not have hair and make up, she and Paul got ready in the same lovely apartment that Southend provides for their brides. They had 3 delightful little girls ranging from about 5 to 12 and the the 12 year old did everyone’s hair. She did the most creative plaits and hairstyles, all the time needed, quietly.

They wore beautiful yellow floral dresses that could be worn again and had beautiful handheld little yellow poseys made by Holly Cadogan Suzannah’s dress was from a vintage store and she had put a pale blue silk underskirt to give it some depth. No fuss, no make up, just combed her hair through.

They walked down the aisle and had a beautiful, fun ceremony with several readings and came down the aisle to tremendous applause (the loudest I had ever heard) and were streamed with confetti.

As they came out to wonderful vegetarian canapes by Field & Fork, the in-house caterers run by Janet and Sam, and tomato cocktails. They had a 3 hours drinks reception where they were serenaded by The Leviathans Quartet

After some amazing speeches outside on the lawns, I took Suzannah and Paul for a bit of a jaunt on the meadow, that happened to be yellow!, and photographed them in their easy way … I left them sitting in the setting sun with their guests about to go in for a BBQ dinner.

It was the most relaxed wedding… ever.


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Southend Barns
Southend Barns Wedding Today June 2017 Wedding Photographer Chichester

Another wedding at Southend Barns today; what a beautiful venue. They really do take care of their property. I was just looking back over the 50 odd weddings I’ve shot here and they just keep on adding. I particuarly love the manicured garden at the side with the water feature.

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Southend Barns
Kate & Lloyd – Royal Marines Museum, Hampshire

I met Kate and Lloyd at their friend’s wedding at Southend Barns. She would marry at the Royal Marines Museum in Southsea, Hampshire on the seafront and right by the beach.