Upwaltham Barns

Upwaltham Barns is a delightful trip barned paddock which sits on the A283 and has high hills either side. One side of the barns, once trekked up, gives great views of the barns.

The staff are amazing. Nothing was too much. Sometimes at venues, when they have been doing it perhaps a little too long, you can tell the staff are irritated with requests. But Nickie and her staff could not do enough.

I loved that they were still laughing and making jokes with the couple. Watching their marriage was another thing I found interesting. After a few years in business, they staff watched the couple take their vow.

A lovely place with great staff.

This couple Stuart and Lorraine met at work while Lorraine was training Stuart in the art of plane guiding. They soon fell in love and their theme of scrabble came about with their love of the game. A scrabble themed wedding gave them plenty of scope for new ideas, including a JUST MARRIED sign, cake with their names and scrabble boards everywhere.

Lorraine’s sister played the hart (just learned last year!) and Lorraine came into the Star Wars theme. What fun. Loved this couple and their wedding.