Archives For September 2012

  • Wedding Fayre at Southend Barns …

    Lisa George Events organised a Wedding Fayre this weekend (Sept 9), at the Southend Barns in Donnington. This is a relatively new venue that was renovated this year. Brides had booked their weddings for this summer (in hopes that it would be done).

  • The Vintage Village Wedding … Boxgrove Priory

    Lucy and Steve planned and organised their wedding to the last tea cup. Lucy spent 2 years collecting vintage tea cups to hold sweeties after the wedding breakfast.

  • Spread Eagle Hotel Wedding

    Louisa and Tom, the blondest couple I have ever met, married each other on August 31, 2012 at the Spread Eagle Hotel.  August gave a late push for Summer and it was hot .. very hot.

  • Southend Barns Pre-Wedding Shoot …

    Lucy and Steve fell in love with Southend Barns Wedding venue in Donnington. Mariella kindly allowed them to have some pre-wedding photos taken. We tried out all the areas around the Barns; not open for weddings as yet, this was quite fun.